why us?

Yasenka white label is the product of a collaboration between production, development and marketing. Within this unique triangle, we are able to manage every aspect of the healthcare industry to lead you in the right direction. Our experience in the health-care industry will help to ensure that your private label product will not only meet the needs of your customer, but will be a profitable venture for your business.

We are here to provide our clients with an innovative solution to the product and market approach by applying efficiency, creativity, quality and transparency to our business model and partnership.

We have created a wide range of products, in the process of identifying the needs and demands of the market and consumers. Our response to those identified needs is an innovative, high quality and adaptive line of developed products.


Yasenka’s trustworthiness is not reflected in its presentation but in living up to the standards it claims to represent.

We have a non-negotiable stand on quality. Our dedication to ensuring the very best  runs through our team, infrastructure, vision and various quality systems that have been implemented and maintained.

social responsibility

We believe in giving back to our local community as well as the international community and in lessening our impact on the environment.

and support.

We offer our partners a 360 support in the phase of product development, design implementation and registration process. You are not just a buyer, you will be considered our partner in the voyage of white label and, as such, you will have a full support throughout the entire journey.


We are ready to listen, we are ready to adapt and we set a client`s needs at as the highest priority. Therefore, our partners are served with the highest care and responsiveness


of our partners would recommend us as your trusted choice


Marketing support

Yasenka supports it’s clients with a full set of existing marketing materials available and produces  the new ones at the clients request that are adapted to the market’s needs and demands

Product launch support

In coordination with our partners, we offer on-line or on-site training process by sharing experience about product launches and information on possible threats and advantages

Scientific support in Marketing

We are here for you to help with additional tests, analytics and coordination and implementation as well as with linking all the results to your marketing campaigns. 

Marketing and sales

In order to ensure results in sales, we offer full support in advising on strategical positioning, channel choice as well as product choice most suitable to your needs and market demands