why our

We offer an extensive line of custom made products in skin care, beauty and healthcare that are compliance and quality tested to be market- ready. In addition to that, together with our clients we can develop special and unique formulation – just for you.

We have a dedicated team of experts in the area of SCM, Marketing, R&D, QC,QA, Design and Regulatory  Affairs to guide you through choppy waters of creating your own brand and product. We offer you a 360 support during the entire process of product implementation.

 By offering our clients to customise labels on our products, they are able to effectively build their brand with in their territory. Build your business portfolio today with private labelling!


All our private label products have been formulated and perfected to have a consistent quality expected by our customers. By white labelling these formulas, we provide a premium product to clients with no initial development. Let us do the hard work while you market the product!

safe and tested.

Yasenka makes use of internal as well as external  lab analyses for each product and batch.
This is not just a unique feature but also a guarantee of our supreme quality.

We are fully GMP certified and thus meet the highest
standards in the pharmaceutical industry.
Adhering to quality standards is of central importance.
We develop, produce and manufacture in compliance with all legal regulations.


As a well recognised white label manufacturer, we offer our clients various options for filling, packaging and finishing, both in terms of primary and secondary packaging. Whether liquid, semi-solid,capsule or powder form – we fill your product with the utmost reliability and quality.

Our standard solutions for filling and packaging include the following:

Jars (powder)
Jars (capsules)
Bottles (liquids)
Sachets (powder)
Creams and ointments