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A daily dose of 25 ml contains 1251 mg of mate tea, 3000 mg of black radish, 400 mg of birch, 200mg of dandelion, 162 mg of milk thistle, 125 mg of artichoke, 300 mg of bromelain, and 300mg of papain.

The first step of transformation.
Sugar-free, safe for persons allergic to gluten.

Take 25 ml once a day, in a direct form or diluted in a small quantity of water. Shake before use.


A strong natural formulation of marshmallow, plantain and lemon balm that cleanses the airways, coats the mucous membranes and has an antiviral effect.

Three times stronger formula that fights your dry cough

Packaging: glass bottle of150 ml

Dry Cough Syrup Combo marshmallow, plantain and lemon balm

Marshmallow helps soothe irritated upper respiratory tract. Plantain helps soothe irritated upper respiratory tract.  

One step to the nature

Dry Cough Syrup Mono comes in 2 versions
– Plantain
– Marshmallow

Packaging 150 ml

Dry Cough Syrup Mono

One tablet: 1000 mg of vitamin C, 15 mg of zinc, 25 mcg of vitamin D, 12 mg of vitamin E, and 55 mcg of selenium.

Sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free.

1 tablet a day, dissolved in a glass of water.

Effervescent Tablets C 1000 Forte

A daily dose of 2 tablets contains 80 mg of vitamin C, 300 mg of potassium, 60 mg of magnesium, 120 mg of chloride, 120 mg of calcium, 600 mg of sodium, 100 mg of guarana seed extract, and 100 mg of ginseng root extract.

Instant solution for fatigue and dehydration.
Sugar-free, gluten-free, lactose-free.

2 tablets a day, dissolved in a glass of water.

Effervescent Tablets Hydration & Energy

Thyme and primrose contribute to the relief of an irritated throat, pharynx and vocal cords

A double formulation for double relief with expectoration problems

Packaging: glass bottle of 150 ml

Expectorant Syrup Combo Thyme & Primrose

Iceland moss helps soothe an irritated throat and vocal cords. Primrose contributes to a healthy upper respiratory tract.

One step to the nature

Expectorant Syrup Mono comes in 2 versions
– Icelandic Moos
– Primrose

Packaging 150 ml

Expectorant Syrup Mono

Dosage per sachet: 14 mg of iron, 80 mg of vitamin  C, 1.4 mg of vitamin B2, 1.4 mg of vitamin B6, 2.5 mcg of vitamin B12, and 200 mcg of folic acid.

For senergy, immunity, and normal oxygen transport.
Gluten-free, lactose-free.

Children from 4 to 12 years: half a sachet a day. Adults and children over 12 years: one sachet a day or as recommended by a doctor.

Ferro Plus

The product contains a combination of active ingredients: collagen, glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid at very high concentrations.  

Your joints and their ease of movement

Packaging: PET bottle of 500 ml with a daily dose of 25 ml

Flex-Joint Solution Syrup

A daily dose of 25 ml contains  Cynatine 500mg, zinc 10 mg, B- complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid, biotin, pantothenic acid, niacin)  

Nourishment and shine for your hair

Packaging: PET bottle of 500 ml

Hair Beauty

Health for your heart and your blood vessels

Package: PET jar, 10-500 capsules
One capsule contains: 1000 mg fish oil, which of: EPA comprises 150mg, DHA 100mg, vitamin E 10 mg

Hearth Health Omega - 3 soft gel solution

It contains menthol and camphor, MSM and N-acertylglucosamine, and essentian oils of eucalyptus and rosemary.

Your joints and their ease of movement.

As needed, gently massage until absorbed into the skin. Absorbs quickly, nourishes, and hydrates the skin. With no sticky after-feel.

Hot & Cold Cream

The serum consists of 4 types of hyaluronic acid, pro-vita-min B5, and Matrixyl 3000.

Hydrating and moisturizing serum.
For all types of skin, without irritation, day & night.

Apply a few drops of serum to thoroughly cleansed and moist skin of the face and neck. For a better effect, it is recommended to gently massage the serum before applying a day/night cream on the moist skin of the face.

Hyaluron Serum

Royal jelly represents the tipping point of natural biosynthesis due to a combination of substances that are uniquely found only in its composition.  

A daily dose of 1 vial of 25ml contains: 1500 mg of royal jelly, 80 mg of vitamin C, 5 mcg of vitamin D, 10 mg of zinc and 55 mcg of selenium

Immunity From Bee

For your energy and immunity: a powerful combination of antioxidants – that reduces tiredness and fatigue. Boost your immune system in a natural way

For extra immunity

Packaging: PET jar 10-500 caps
One capsule contains: 2667,7 mg of – Beta Glucan, 90 mg of vitamin C, 10mg of Q10, 10 mg of ginseng root extract, 7,5 mg of zinc

Immunity plus capsules