what we offer to you and your label

Long-term experience and cooperation with numerous domestic and foreign partners have motivated us further to create an even stronger partnership relationship and to raise our business to an even higher level.

If you company has larger needs than just distribution, we will provide a complete service of producing your product, from a starting idea to the final realisation. Your vision and our technology and high standards will create new values which will improve your brand and give it a better position on the market.

360 support

We are here for all your questions during the entire process. From development to marketing, a team of experts will address your problems and support you at any time. If we do not have an answer immediately our team of experts shall get on top of the problem and find a solution for you. After you launch your product we will keep supporting you actively and continuously.

We will be happy to handle all of the behind-the-scenes work of your white label, while you harvest the popularity and profit from marketing your products. In choosing a full-service provider, you can get everything done in one place. From superb supplement manufacturing, graphic design for your label, packaging, warehousing, and order fulfilment.

Registration and documentation

There is no challenge too big and too complex that we will not try to handle for you. Benefit from our vast experience in registration services. As we supported registrations in over 30 countries worldwide, we strongly believe we will find a solution for your regulatory or legal problem in the MOH processes. We can offer you full support in preparing the documents needed for your white label product registration in your country. 

Scientific approach

Our R&D team, will provide you with all the necessary analytics from simple microbiological tests to a full stability study no matter what stability zone is in question. We must be honest, no such project can be done overnight, but with our knowledge and persistence we will deliver what we promise to the utmost satisfaction of our clients.