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Vitamins in Capsules / Sodium Butyrate

2 x 150 mg a day.

One capsule contains 15 mg of microencapsulated sodium butyrate.

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Butyrates are a major source of energy for colon epithelial cells (colonocytes). In addition, several studies have shown that butyrate, besides providing energy to colonocytes, ensures their growth and differentiation and enhances the colon’ s defensive role.

When to recommend it?
• In bowel disorders (irritable bowel syndrome – IBS).
• In diarrhea after antibiotic therapy.
• In gastrointestinal infections and inflammatory diseases of the gastric mucosa.
• In gut microbiota disorders. • When suffering from deficiency in short-chain fatty acids.
• In patients after cancer treatment (e.g. intestinal inflammation after radiotherapy).
• For the prevention of traveler’s diarrhea.

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