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Uti D-Mannose Direct Powder

Direct relief lasting all day.
Ready-for-use form, no added flavouring, colours, or preservatives, for children and adults, for pregnant and brestfeedijng women, for diabetics, for gluten- and lactose-intolerant persons.

Take 25ml (one ampule) a day. Shake before use.

One sachet contains 2g D-mannose and 100 mg of cranberry.

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this product.

2 g of D-mannose – represents the first choice of clinically proven help for urinary tract problems. 100 mg of cranberry – active substances proanthocyan idins from cranberry act synergistically with D-mannose, preventing E. coli from adhering to the bladder epithelium cells.

• natural ingredients to which bacteria cannot develop resistance
• at the first signs of discomfort
• for fast and effective symptom relief
• safe for use with and after antibiotic therapy
• to prevent relapse occurrence
• for prevention

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