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Expectorant Syrup Mono

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Expectorant Syrup Mono comes in 2 versions
- Icelandic Moos
- Primrose

Packaging 150 ml

Iceland moss helps soothe an irritated throat and vocal cords. Primrose contributes to a healthy upper respiratory tract.

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Primrose liquid food supplement contains dry extract of primrose root (Primula veris), a plant traditionally used to dilute mucus and ease expectoration. Primrose liquid food supplement is taken three times a day, depending on the age, in the amount of 5 to 15 ml. It can be taken by children above 4 years of age. It has a pleasant taste adjusted to children. 5 ml of syrup contains 25 mg of

Iceland moss – Besides its numerous healing properties, Iceland moss is a very important indicator of clean air since it can only survive in a clean environment. Iceland moss is most often used for the irritated upper respiratory tract – and its main components are polysaccharides-lichenins and isolichenins. Polysacchardes coat irritated and damaged mucosa, whereas lichenins have an anti-inflammatory effect on the mucosa and reduce the cough sensation. An important component of Iceland moss is usnic acid which acts as a natural antibiotic. Due to its beneficial effect, preparations with Iceland moss are used to treat various types of cold, dry irritating inflammation of  the oral cavity and pharynx and bronchial astma and cough.You shall find 125mg of extract in 5 ml of syrup. May be taken by children above one year of age.



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