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The first step of transformation.
Sugar-free, safe for persons allergic to gluten.

Take 25 ml once a day, in a direct form or diluted in a small quantity of water. Shake before use.

A daily dose of 25 ml contains 1251 mg of mate tea, 3000 mg of black radish, 400 mg of birch, 200mg of dandelion, 162 mg of milk thistle, 125 mg of artichoke, 300 mg of bromelain, and 300mg of papain.

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A combination of ingredients which activate the metabolism.

It is recommended for liver and body detox, for metabolism activation and better digestion, in case of problems with visceral body fat (fat accumulation around the abdominal area and hips), in case of problems with water retention and build-up of cellulite, to increase exercise efficiency, and promote faster weight loss as well as waistline reduction.

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