Urinary Tract

One sachet contains 2g D-mannose and 100 mg of cranberry.

Direct relief lasting all day.
Ready-for-use form, no added flavouring, colours, or preservatives, for children and adults, for pregnant and brestfeedijng women, for diabetics, for gluten- and lactose-intolerant persons.

Take 25ml (one ampule) a day. Shake before use.

Uti D-Mannose Direct Powder

Fast and efficient solution for urinary tract infections, safe to use for pregnant and lactating women.

Your efficient and fast daily relief that lasts the whole day

Packaging: 10 Sachets containing: 3000mg D-Mannose, 450mg cranberry extract, 100mg birch extract, 80 mg Vitamine c

UTI Sachets

UTI Syrup, liquid food supplement includes an innovative combination of cranberry extract, D-mannose, common knotgrass and vitamin C.

Cranberry extract, D-mannose, common knotgrass and vitamin C

UTI Syrup