Royal jelly represents the tipping point of natural biosynthesis due to a combination of substances that are uniquely found only in its composition.  

A daily dose of 1 vial of 25ml contains: 1500 mg of royal jelly, 80 mg of vitamin C, 5 mcg of vitamin D, 10 mg of zinc and 55 mcg of selenium

Immunity From Bee

One sachet contains 2g D-mannose and 100 mg of cranberry.

Direct relief lasting all day.
Ready-for-use form, no added flavouring, colours, or preservatives, for children and adults, for pregnant and brestfeedijng women, for diabetics, for gluten- and lactose-intolerant persons.

Take 25ml (one ampule) a day. Shake before use.

Uti D-Mannose Direct Powder