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Excellence is in our nature

Croatia based white label manufacturer with a facility for producing medicinal products, food supplements and cosmetics. 

We share a forward-looking vision  driven by a desire to support our partners and their customers with the objective of reaching their maximum potential. Our reputation is built on a transparent legacy of results and an ongoing pursuit to find the ways of tomorrow.

who we are?

Health is a key prerequisite of the quality of life, and quality life is a prerequisite for a sense of self-confidence, personal fulfilment and happiness. Taking care of health for us is much more than business; taking care of health is our mission, to which we approach with a lot of love and even more responsibility since this also means taking care of the happiness of our consumers and their families.

business model explained

Model 1 existing shape and formulation

Clients may choose from the many of pre-developed and tested innovative product in Yasenka’s portfolio and customise the packaging to their own brand. We will support you with documentation and share our experience with you

Model 2 package size modification

Our clients have the possibility of adapting the package size as well as the packaging itself. A team of experienced experts will support you with the utmost devotion to help you find an optimal combination suitable for your market and your client’s needs

Model 3 full customatization

Last but not least, the most advanced feature we offer is a complete product customisation. In the phase of product development and  shaping, you will be fully involved in ingredient dosages, ingredient customisation and analytical process. In addition to this, our experience in packaging size will be at your disposal. We will devote all our efforts  to find the best solution for our clients



what our partners say about us.

Yasenka is a company with very high-quality products. Working with Yasenka over the years, we always recieved prompt replies to our questions , professional work and good business ethics.

Berna Kir Oldenhorn Rein Suisse

Having Yasenka as a partner means cooperating with devoted pharmaceutical experts who will take their time to get to know you and understand what is important to you. We have been partners for many years and we are very satisfied with the cooperation. Based on our experience, Yasenka has a very professional approach regarding the quality of the products and logistics.

Sandra Žalac PharmaS

Working with Yasenka on our private label gave us an opportunity to have a supreme quality product under our own label promoting at the same time our brand overall. Commercial conditions enabled us to provide patients with better pricing which they highly appreciated.

Finally, not less important, Yasenka provided us with fully operational, promotional and back- office support which even included giving precise and honest data about the complete structure of realised volumes without the particular need for our own time -consuming analysis, which we fully relied on.

Jakov Čović Pavišić Dobre Ljekarne

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