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Our portfolio combines the power of nature, science and innovative technology for prevention, support and relief, ranging from daily and long-term to systematic beauty solutions and treatments for special indications as well.

Our products are developed to be in touch with the latest trends and are created in collaboration with experts in the field of science, research, marketing and pharmacy. We are providing the best possible service and bringing the best and most effective solutions to patiens.

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We are proud of taking into account the individual needs of our consumers, scientific approach and product development an the individual approach to each clients. These are the attributes which are required by our customers and which are the subject of our standard and our cooperation model.


Heart health

HEART HEALTH OMEGA 3 Health for your heart and your blood vessels

Urinary Tract

UTI SYRUP, Your immediate relief. Innovative combination of Cranberry extract, D-mannose, common knotgrass and vitamin C

Vitamins and Minerals

VITAMINES AND MINERALS IN SACHET your optimal combination of vitamines and minerals produced at standard or customised composition

Cough Syrups

COUGH SYRUP One step to the nature. See our full portfolio of different combinations or monosyrup in area of expectorans as well as dry cough


SORE THROAT SPRAY Green propolis is recommended for irritated, inflammed and sore throat, damaged vocal cords, aphthae and other lesions in the oral cavity.


ACUTE IMMUNITY SOLUTION sachets Innovative combination of 7 vitamins, 7 minerals and 11 amino acids. Helps in a faster recovery and stimulates the formation of immune cells important for the efficient functioning of the immune system.

Beauty - skin, hair and nails

HAIR BEAUTY Nourishment and shine for your hair, keeping shiny and healthy hair with Keratin product

Joint and Bones health

Your joint and its ease of movement Packaging PET bottle 500 ml with daily dose of 25 ml


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Yasenka is a company with very high-quality products. Working with Yasenka over the years, we always recieved prompt replies to our questions , professional work and good business ethics.

Berna Kir Oldenhorn Rein Suisse

Having Yasenka as a partner means cooperating with devoted pharmaceutical experts who will take their time to get to know you and understand what is important to you. We have been partners for many years and we are very satisfied with the cooperation. Based on our experience, Yasenka has a very professional approach regarding the quality of the products and logistics.

Sandra Žalac PharmaS

Working with Yasenka on our private label gave us an opportunity to have a supreme quality product under our own label promoting at the same time our brand overall. Commercial conditions enabled us to provide patients with better pricing which they highly appreciated.

Finally, not less important, Yasenka provided us with fully operational, promotional and back- office support which even included giving precise and honest data about the complete structure of realised volumes without the particular need for our own time -consuming analysis, which we fully relied on.

Jakov Čović Pavišić Dobre Ljekarne